Copper wire length calculator



This is can be useful in obtaining the length of a wire on a spool.

Entering the weight of the wire on the spool in ounces, and the wire's gauge below, this calculates the length of the wire on the spool.

We assume the spool's weight to be negligible, therefore, it is not included in this calculation.


wire gauge:


length  =   0.00  meters


       =   0.00  ft.

ounces:   oz  
kilograms:  0.000  kg

 0  AWG

radius:  0.00000000   meters  
diameter:  0.00000000   meters  
  1 ounce = 0.0283495 kg  
  density of copper = 8940 kg / m3  
length  =  
    density • π • r2
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